Our "I AM" Energy is the Internal Perfection of our true self.

“Until we experience the awareness of our Internal Perfection, we seek vainly to affirm our value of self, through external means of opinions and admiration by others. This is the cause of much of the extreme highs and lows that so many executives experience throughout their career. We strive to become a success, to build an identity based on our careers and accomplishments to achieve recognition and, in the end, perhaps, to leave a legacy that will survive for future generations. But this definition of ourselves is externally based and is really nothing more than a mental construct of our own fears and aspirations. This external referencing is by its very definition transitory and prone to collapse, as the dance between success and failure continues endlessly. I offer a simple, yet profound and life changing way to discover your Internal Perfection. This is not an idea, theory or some vague notion or concept. On the contrary it is beyond the grasp of your brain and its intellectual interpretations, as your truth lies deep within the language of your heart.



— A Senior Vice President of Finance tried unsuccessfully for six months to close four major deals. On his second day in the Internal Perfection program he closed all four deals in less than an hour.

— A CEO of a Fortune 500 company, in a billion dollar lawsuit, saves six hundred million dollars from an eight-minute Internal Perfection Expansion phone call.

— A billionaire philanthropist makes the presentation of a lifetime to launch multi billion dollar fund raising initiative after accessing the Internal Perfection Program.


“ Donn Smith is a catalyst who works discreetly with
influential individuals seeking INSTANTAEOUS RESULTS.”

Recently Donn was pleased to have Don Morrison current Special Advisor, Research in Motion join him in a candid conversation. Tune in and hear Don beautifully articulate his transformative experience, personally and professionally, with I AM ENERGY. Says Don: "You can not think your way towards discovering who you really are, ... All those things that cause fear drag you down and have a physiological effect over time. However, when a person is in their I AM, they are released from all of that [fear]."