The greater the distance between an athlete's talent level
and performance level, the greater the results.

I AM ENERGY is the most Powerful transformational process in Sports today. Its vibration is so high, that when activated, same day results happen for both slumps and injuries. In the twenty two years of working with the Elite Athletes Donn has never met an athlete that knew HOW he or she subconsciously played their best game
(like a recipe in a cake).

The I AM ENERGY process guides
an athlete to the following:
– How to unpack from their subconscious their best game
– How to unpack from their subconscious their worst game
– How to remove the flaw in their worst game/slump neurologically
– How to have the IAE switch on High all the time playing their Best Game with consistency without conscious thought.



Injury Results

— Nobel peace prize winning medical doctor cancels his 6th knee surgery only one month after "I AM" ENERGY Program.

— A golfer after waiting ten months for the best knee surgeon in North America, has his “double knee replacement surgery” cancelled as x-rays showed both knees had been 85% healed six weeks after "I AM" ENERGY Program.

— Jarome Iginla played over one and a quarter seasons with a hip flexor injury, all discomfort was gone ten days after commencing the “ I AM” ENERGY Program.

— After suffering an ACL sprain, Bill Guerin plays on 9th day after being told by medical staff not to begin exercises for twelve days.

— Mike Janyk, World Cup Slalom skier was diagnosed with a degenerative disk disease in his lower back and was forced to see a physiotherapist every day for four years. Only three months after "I AM" ENERGY, Mike did not require any physio and has not returned for over two years.

Performance Results

— Doug Weight breaks out of six week slump in two hours on game day.

— Jarome Iginla recorded only five points in the twenty games prior to "I AM" ENERGY and went on to win the
Rocket Richard Trophy.

— After experiencing "I AM" ENERGY , Award Winning NBA President and GM makes “Deal of the Century”.

— One month after being exposed to "I AM" ENERGY the Columbus Blue Jackets set franchise records for wins in a month and consecutive wins.

— From their Captain taking "I AM" ENERGY the Calgary Flames came within one game of the Stanley Cup after not making the playoffs for seven years.

— A NHL owner finds the solution to break his team from a half-year slump, and is amazed that they are able to reverse their win/loss percentage from .486 to .813 after his and the teams Captain’s participation in the Internal Perfection Program.

A conversation with Canadian Olympic Skier Mike Janyk

In a recent conversation we explore the connection between mind and body. The pressure to perform at our best and be successful can become baggage that moves us away from our natural state of “Internal Perfection”. How does one handle the pressure to be perfect? Special guest, Canadian Olympic Skier, Mike Janyk shares his experiences with overcoming past injuries and uncovers the mental connections that were the root cause of them.